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What are the advantages of hollow louver glass?

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It is understood that the hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered glass with imported aluminum and single handle magnetic control mechanism, and can be reversed or raised.The hollow inner Venetian blinds are integrated into the middle of ordinary insulating glass, making the ordinary insulating glass have the function of shading.The advantages of hollow louver glass are briefly introduced.

Energy saving performance is superior: in summer, when the 100 blade is adjusted to the closed state, it can block the direct sunlight of the sunlight, block the convection of cold and hot air, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of indoor air conditioning.Can be induced by intelligent powerful: choose hollow Venetian glass possesses the advantages of dustproof, prevent lampblack, pollution prevention, at the same time, due to the use of high-tech magnetic induction drive system, makes the blade the closing of the open, lift up and more convenient;100 blades need not be cleaned, to save time, save effort, save money effect.The built-in louver hollow glass door and window system in the creation of personalized private space at the same time, it will bring you a quiet, comfortable and healthy environment.

Flame retardant performance: in any approximately, the traditional curtain are inflammable, and once there is a fire, made the curtain of cloth yarn, chemical fiber and other materials will release large amounts of toxic smoke during burning, suffocated indoor personnel casualties.Not only does it not burn in the open fire, but it does not release the smoke in the fire.The double-layer tempered glass and the built-in aluminum magnesium blade also have the effect of blocking the flame transmission, which effectively reduces the occurrence probability of fire and is a reliable fireproof product.

Good sound insulation performance: according to the detection, hollow glass can generally be reduce outdoor to indoor noise around 25 decibels, and the single handle magnetron built-in shutter hollow glass can reduce indoor noise more, noise is reduced to 36 db, ensure perfect sound insulation effect.


Frost prevention: in the cold region of winter, due to the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the general glass doors and Windows system will appear frost.Using the built-in louver door and window system, because of its good air tightness and water tightness, it isolates the seepage phenomenon and effectively avoids the frost frost phenomenon on the Windows and doors.

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