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This Week National Glass Spot Market Overall Trend Analysis.

Industry News

This week, the overall trend of the south China market was stable, and the output of the production enterprises was not much changed. The market quotation continued to rise slightly.


The impact of the brics meeting on the local and peripheral markets has basically ended, and the production of road transport has returned to normal.In order to boost market confidence, some manufacturers quoted a small increase.


Some south China coastal manufacturers are already preparing to import a certain amount of soda from the United States in order to ease the cost pressure caused by a sharp rise in the price of domestic soda.Central China market trend is better, the manufacturer's quotation has a certain range of increase.


This week, the overall market trend of the north China region is still possible, production and marketing of production enterprises increased slightly.


The overall outbound situation of shahe area was improved by a certain margin in late last month.On the one hand, the impact of environmental protection on deep-processing enterprises is weakened;On the other hand, the price of the surrounding area is rising, which has a certain supporting effect on the price of shahe glass.At the same time that spot price rises, the price of pure alkali also has a relatively big rise, so the profit condition of production enterprise is general, the change is not big before the middle of August.The output of production enterprises in beijing-tianjin-hebei region has increased slightly, which is mainly affected by the increase in glass consumption by real estate.According to some traders, glass has entered the north China market much earlier than last year.


This week, the market trend in southwest China has improved slightly, the production enterprises have increased the inventory from the previous month, the inventory pressure has been reduced, and some manufacturers have raised the price slightly.This week the northeast region glass market overall trend still can, the production enterprise inventory is slightly down, the quotation rises sporty.This week the northwest region market trend still can, the production enterprise outlet quantity has increased, some manufacturers plan next week to raise the price.