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Bacteriostatic glass for tempered glass office door from china factory price


Bacteriostatic glass for tempered glass office door from china factory price

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Bacteriostatic glass
Bacteriostatic glass is a kind of green healthy glass developed by CSG. It has the features of broad-spectrum sterilization with the sterilization rate of >99.9% and excellent durability (lifetime >20 years).

Bacteriostatic glass is made from the modified active silicone, it can be bacteriostatic but also retains the features of high transmittance, non-toxic and non-irritating. This glass is an ecologically functional material and plays an important role in providing a hygeian environment.

The advent of bacteriostatic glass can be seen as a desirable breakthrough of anti-bacterial technology in building material industry. This product is highly applicable to the fields of health carefood storage, household appliances, public transportation and so on. 


Antibacterial principle

Load type efficient photocatalytic nanometer antibacterial material with the unique technology of doping and bear the load, the load variable valence sterilization ion, to reduce the band width and carrier separation efficiency, achieved its in visible light or dark under the condition of effective antibacterial properties, It breaks the technical barrier of low antibacterial rate of traditional photocatalyst and can only respond under ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, it also eliminates the safety hazard that traditional sterilization water can only suppress bacteria but can not sterilize thoroughly.Zoran photocatalyst antibacterial materials can easily open bacteria and most harmful microorganisms.The membrane of the cell membrane, which destroys the bacterial cell membrane, the energy and the material exchange channel, and the loss of the cytoplasm caused the bacterial death.



Advantage1: the effective antibacterial property of visible light and even under dark conditions.

Contrast: ultraviolet sterilization technology.

Advantage 2: eliminate the traditional disinfectant water can only prevent bacteria from completely sterilizing the safety hazard.

Contrast: disinfectant water, disinfectant.

Advantage 3: the material passes through the ningbo entry-exit inspection and quarantine center to test, non-toxic and unexciting.

Contrast: disinfectant water, disinfectant.

Advantage 4: destroy bacterial cell membrane with its super oxidizing ability, block its energy and material exchange channel, make the cytoplasmic loss cause bacterium to die completely, it is the direct sterilization product.

Contrast: bacteriostatic products, can not sterilize thoroughly, but simple bacteriostatic.

Advantage 5: high temperature sintering process, high durability.

Contrast: general antibacterial spray, only surface adhesion, cleaning or after the use of a second spray.

Advantages and characteristics of antibacterial glass products.

Easy to clean

Environmental purification type antibacterial glass wall products have hydrophilic self-cleaning function.The hydrophilic material on the surface of the surface is far more compatible with the water than the ten and the ash.Other pollution affinity, so the water can be painted to clean under the dirt, clean from the antibacterial surface of the water purification of the antibacterial surface H;The effect of rectifying and cleaning.

Environmental protection

Antibacterial glass made rice by the Chinese antibacterial industry association of the inorganic antibacterial investment, rice with the advanced surface of the technology, antibacterial.

It can stabilize, hold people and serve the people.From the contact antibacterial effect to wood perp, the advantage of white, the application is also broad.Pan.The use of antibacterial glass products can be used to guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the cleaning and cleaning of the premises, ask for air quality and improve the environment of cambiar environment.Green, green, and dyeing

Mixer minus reflection


Visible high - induced antibacterial glass, with extremely high luminosity, means that the reflected light decreases correspondingly.This antibacterial glass will work.Indoor and outdoor, can minimize the light pollution: change production and adjust the lighting environment.

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